Key Rewards Program

- Rental Rewards:

    You can now use your points to get a discount on rent through the application or website.

     Reserve your car through the website: http://www.key.sa/book-car
    Or download the app and book via: https://www.key.sa/apps


Car Rental

- Used Car Rewards:

    Redeem 2 points for 1 SR discount. You can also pay the remaining amount in installments through our financial partners.

    For more details and to know about the cars offered for sale and the value of discounts visit the car sales page: http://key.sa/car-selling


Car Rental

-Partners Offers Rewards:

The program allows getting rewards from Key partners like miles, discounts, points, gifts and more. 
For inquiries, please call our customer service number: 920005211


Car Rental