Lease Inquiry


If you are in need of long-term car rentals in Saudi Arabia, then Key Car Rental is your answer. Key Company offers long-term corporate leasing to all types of businesses and needs through the ability of choosing the proper car for the required period with monthly pricing at competitive rates. Key Elite corporate partners enjoy no long-term ownership risk, as well as a special maintenance and insurance package that are beneficial to your business.

Financial Benefits:

*  Finance of the vehicle(s)

*  Depreciation / Amortization

*  Acquisition and disposal of vehicle

*  Re-assessments of contracts should the vehicle usage change from the originally anticipated mileage

*  No capital outlay

*  Business friendly balancing

Maintenance Benefits:

*  All maintenance on the vehicle including battery replacement, tires, wheel alignment and balancing

*  Manufacturer recommended services

*  Management of all maintenance and repairs

*  Technical information and feedback

*  On sight routine maintenance carried out through Key mobile workshop vehicles

Customer Service Benefits:

*  First delivery of new vehicles to any city or any branch office in Saudi Arabia without extra delivery charges

*  Full Comprehensive Insurance Coverage is included in most leases and automatically includes free GAP protection.

*  Immediate replacement in the event of any accident/breakdown*

*  24/7 roadside assistance

*  Free towing facility in case of accidents/breakdowns within a radius of 350 Km from any nearest Key office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

*  Management of the corporate fleet remains under the administration of Key Fleet Services

*  For further enquiries, please contact us .